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What sets Pro Footing apart is our ability to customize our arena footing care services to our customers’ specific needs. Our years of professional experience and top of the line equipment allows us to provide exceptional service throughout Marysville and the surrounding areas. From debris and rock removal from your empty lot, to building and maintaining a solid footing, we'll help make your arena look great for years to come.

They do excellent work. My arena looks amazing and is awesome to use.

Did a great job with our arena which needed a lot of work. Would highly recommend Pro Footing California. Pricing is very fair for the top equipment that is brought in.

Pro Footing made a beautiful area for us.

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Services Offered

  • Debris & Rock Removal
  • Base Preparation for Footing
  • Balancing & Grading Arenas
  • Grooming & Finishing Arenas
  • Spread Material
  • Arena Build

Professional Horse Arena Footing Care in Marysville, CA

Pro Footing offers the absolute best in arena care. From debris and rock removal on your lot, to building a solid footing sub-base and general arena footing care, we cater to all of your needs throughout the greater Marysville area and beyond. Our top of the line equipment helps us get the job done right the first time, giving you the peace of mind that your horse is performing on a safe and sturdy footing.

What is Horse Arena Footing?

To the average observer, arena footing may appear as just the surface on which horse arena competitions are conducted. At Pro Footing, we see it as so much more than that; it's the very foundation of arena sports.

We believe that an aesthetically pleasing, yet solid and functional surface is the key to providing the best riding experience for all types of arena competition. Many surfaces may appear to be smooth and even, but on closer inspection, may contain clumps or other substances that can hinder the movement of your horse. Moreover, debris like rocks, pebbles, or even clumps of dirt can be difficult to remove entirely, which also presents a risk of injury to the horses and their riders.

At Pro Footing, we make sure that’s never the case. From installing a new sturdy sub-base, to smoothing out the footing surface through debris and rock removal, we do it all.

Importance of Sturdy Horse Arena Footing

Arena footing is the surface on which horses run and maneuver during competition. As a result, the surface must be as smooth as possible so it won't hinder movement or introduce additional risks of injury to horse or rider.

Additionally, the type of footing materials can be a major factor in competition performance. That's why arena owners insist on a smooth, well-maintained footing to promote fairness and safety in their competitive horse arenas., a reputable publication that caters to arena fans, suggests that the footing type on which a horse performs can strongly influence longevity and productiveness of an animal's career. The condition of an arena's footing also influences how well a horse performs. Good footing can help improve performance, while a poorly maintained surface can decrease performance and increase the risk of injury.

That being the case, good footing is critical to the success of the arena competition. At Pro Footing, we'll provide you with the smooth, solid, and functional footing with our debris and rock removal and general maintenance services.

Horse Arena Footing Options

Different types of arena competitions have different requirements in regards to the firmness of the footing and sub-base.

A rider who does competitive jumping, for example, may require a surface that has more cushion than competitive racers or dressage riders. Some types of competition need a surface that allows for sudden stops, and others should provide the horse and rider the ability to perform intricate maneuvers like figure-eights and spins, or racing around barrels. As a result, an arena typically needs access to a few different types of footings.

At Pro Footing, we cater to all of these needs with the highest degree of attention to detail. Our debris and rock removal service will provide you with the smooth, safe, and functional footing that will help horse and rider perform at their best.

Horse Racing Arena Footing

Arenas that are designed for competitive horseracing should always have a good, solid footing.

The typical Thoroughbred racetrack footing is far different from that of other arena sports. While running at top speed, the track must sustain tremendous concussive force with each stride, so having a sturdy, professionally built sub-base is paramount. If your track footing is in poor condition or not properly maintained, it can put both horse and rider at risk of serious injury. For this reason, most arenas often require specific types of footing depending on what kind of events they hold. With the right footing in place and regular maintenance, you can make sure your arena looks great and stays safe for years to come.

At Pro Footing, we’re sensitive to the needs of all arena types, having recently revamped our process to include just about anything that competitive race tracks may require.

How Arena Footing Is Built

Naturally, this process can vary depending on the type of footing that the arena is going for, but most experts agree that it all starts with a quality sub-base.

The Kentucky Equine research team, which is dedicated to researching arenas and footing materials, agrees, stating that “good footing begins with the soil that makes up the arena sub-base." At Pro Footing, we have the equipment and years of professional experience to build a sturdy sub-base for your area. We'll work with you directly to ensure you get a sturdy, safe footing with the right materials for your preferred competitive events.

Footing materials aren't the only consideration when building a new arena; you'll also want to make sure your arena footing has a bit of a crown built into it, which allows for proper drainage during inclement weather. Planning ahead with a professionally built footing and regular maintenance is the key to the long term success of your arena.

Marysville, CA’s Premier Arena Footing Service

Pro Footing CA has been a local, family-owned and operated business since 2014, and we've moved to the Golden State!

We offer our years of professional expertise and knowledge with our horse arena maintenance services throughout the greater Marysville area. We're committed to bringing the very best in horse arena footings to our community, including the best materials for your events, and the best equipment to get the job done right the first time.

If you’re in need of a new arena base, your old footing needs to be restored, or you need debris and rock removal for your arena lot, contact us today.

Horse Arena Footing Construction & Maintenance | Debris & Rock Removal

Since 2014, Pro Footing has maintained its commitment to offering the very best services in arena footing and maintenance. After new blood took over the management of the company in 2019, it continues to stay true to its roots as a family-owned business, and is glad to announce that our famed commitment, services and expertise are now available in the greater Marysville area! To learn more about us, check out our website, Facebook, Instagram or simply shoot us a message to get in touch!